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So Monday, well I decided not to go to the Peak District to Morris Dance and going to London to BiFest wasn't really something on my mind to do, it sounds lovely though. I missed the Scottish BiFest in December 2016 due to an event clash.

So spring has come and with it my unwise decision to start walking long distances without the proper prep! Yesterday was 9 miles and six and a half today. The knee is a bit stiff and achy which is how it felt last year efore the tendons twanged on me and I spent the summer on a walking stick!

I'll try and be careful, but I really want to walk. I need the exercise for both mental and physical health reasons, hey ho, fingers crossed.
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So it's very spring like, warm sun, cool air.

I did a wander into town and bought some new rucksacks of differing sizes in the Mountain warehouse sale. I likes a good rucksack and having different sizes for different needs! The assistant liked by "War" Doctor t-shirt as well!

Quick wander to Waterstones, books bought - Neil Gaiman - The View from the Cheap Seats - Selected Non Fiction. Covering things he believes, people he has known, sci fi, comics, and more.

As usual I thought, there's nowhere in Perth I actually want to sit down and have a coffee, so I headed for the Twa Tams and found a new coffee place "Al Frescos", bad pun aside it had a decent courtyard that wasn't directly on a main road or pavement and gets the sun. The coffee was mediocre but I was happy to give them some money. Hopefully they'll find a niche and stick around. I'll certainly try and give them some custom!

S back home and a bit of catching up on email with an old friend and some reading whilst going for the easy listening bosa nova jazz box set I bought for background light hearted music. Nice.

I', actually reading "All Our Wrong Todays" by Elan Mastai, which half way in I remain deeply unconvinced by!


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