Apr. 8th, 2017

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So it's very spring like, warm sun, cool air.

I did a wander into town and bought some new rucksacks of differing sizes in the Mountain warehouse sale. I likes a good rucksack and having different sizes for different needs! The assistant liked by "War" Doctor t-shirt as well!

Quick wander to Waterstones, books bought - Neil Gaiman - The View from the Cheap Seats - Selected Non Fiction. Covering things he believes, people he has known, sci fi, comics, and more.

As usual I thought, there's nowhere in Perth I actually want to sit down and have a coffee, so I headed for the Twa Tams and found a new coffee place "Al Frescos", bad pun aside it had a decent courtyard that wasn't directly on a main road or pavement and gets the sun. The coffee was mediocre but I was happy to give them some money. Hopefully they'll find a niche and stick around. I'll certainly try and give them some custom!

S back home and a bit of catching up on email with an old friend and some reading whilst going for the easy listening bosa nova jazz box set I bought for background light hearted music. Nice.

I', actually reading "All Our Wrong Todays" by Elan Mastai, which half way in I remain deeply unconvinced by!
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I am now more than half way in to the book and I now get why the first half the narrator is an arse. Very clever.


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