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So quick day trip to the big city.

The earliest train is at 9.05 which gets in at 10.115 which is cutting it lose to get to church in St Mary's Cathedral in the West End for 10:30. I missed about 15 mins of the service. I haven't been to church much this year, maybe once in Perth, but St Mary's always makes me feel at home and people are keen to know how I'm doing. Despite the fact that I don't live there I feel I have a place there. It's Scottish Episcopalian so Anglican, but not part of the C of E. Its an LGBT inclusive church, but very "high" which isn't my first choice of worship styles, but the there's a real community there that I love.

So did some shopping and bought some books. Oops. Including Bill Hayes ""Insomniac City" https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30038960-insomniac-city in which Bill writes about moving to New York and his relationship with Dr Oliver Sacks in his (Sacks) final years. It's a touching moving book about a city and a new life and relationship found there. I'm truly moved by the book and will write more when I've finished it.

So the day was spent in the Glasgow botanical Gardens which was full of the lovely people of Glasgow inall their variety. I also had a pint or two in the Hillhead Bookclub on Byres Road.

After eight years in Scotland, it remains quite my favorite place to be, vibrant, busy, full of people of different backgrounds and expressions of self and family and faith.

So why haven't I moved to Glasgow yet or at least why don't I gpo more often? Well there's a deluded attempt to try and make a life in Perth, which frankly has fallen flat on it's face. So with changes at work, there's a choice to be made next year when the flat contract is up for renewal about the future.

Being alone in Perth is not how I want to spend the next decade. I've tried to put Glasgow to the back of my mind for years, but I keep on coming back to it as somewhere I love being and where I have ready built communities to join.
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