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Well a few days moderate walking and the knee seems to be a little more comfortable this morning. I'm going to wait until I get back off my holiday before I talk to the physio about an assessment.

I'm reasonably alert, which is good after a four day weekend!

So I went to St Andrews with Karen on Saturday and a very nice lunch in Pitlessie in Fife, I headed back to mine on Saturday evening and watch Doctor Who. Um bought 4 3 2 1 book in St Andrews and will read it soon!

Sunday was chilling, TV and finishing "All our Wrong Days" so Monday I was a bit bleurgh due to a day on my arse! Headed to Dundee on MOnday went for coffee at the Dundee Contemporary Arts centre (DCA) a look at MARK WALLINGER MARK the exhibition by Mark Wallinger (D'oh) some fantastic stuff including his TARDIS which is a full size Police Box in stainless steel!

Read a bit of Niel Gaimans "View from the Cheep Seats" and watched "I am not your Negro".

Much food for though in all things which I may add when I don't have to get ready for work.


Aug. 7th, 2016 08:11 am
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Well as I'm not in BicCon and there was a chance of some fair weather I got on a train to Dundee and a bus to St Andrews for a day out. I got to St Andrews about 9 and it was sunny and warm enough. So coffee and breakfast were OK but not stunning, thankfully a visit to http://www.toppingbooks.co.uk/ got the day off to a great start by just being wonderful and by lightening my pocket by a few quid.

Most of the day was on the beach as there was a fun fair in the town centre, but thankfully the small beach stayed quiet most of the day. I did find some good coffee and read The Immortals. I do like a nice dose of magical realism with a hint of time travelling and someone lost in the world, travelling searching with a stunning set of images at the end.


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