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Well not a bad night, unlike my usual Friday night collapse, I was awake and alert. So trying to continue the exercise and starting to build up teh distance again now the knee is healing I did a couple of miles up the hill.

Audio listening was Doctor Who The Forbidden Time. It's a second Doctor story told by Anneke Wills as companion Polly with Frazer Hines as Jamie in a supporting role. It's an atmospheric story where a race of aliens try to set up a toll point in time which hits our reality in 2011 (wheb the story came out on CD). Anneke is a great actress.

The set up is Polly addressing an emergency conference, called after the alien's ultimatum is heard. She explains what happened when the TARDIS met them years ago and plays back recordings made by Jamie. It's a little contrived but Anneke's alien voices are superb and she does a great suggestion of the Doctor's voice. It's the second time I;ve heard it and enjoyed it very much. I've now listed to all the audios set in that era of Doctor Who, so back to the real series and Polly's last story - The Faceless Ones coming up soon.

Video watching is series two of "The Avengers". The first episode stars Patrick Macnee as Steed and Jon Rollanson is filling in for Ian Hendry who left after season 1. "Mission to Montreal" is 50 minutes of the dullest TV I've seen. Now some 60s TV I love, some takes me a bit of time to get into, but this had all the flaws of its time and none of the joys! Thankfully they cast Honor Blackman and she starts in ep 3. I may jump ahead!

Right, time to knock it on the head. I'm thinking of going to Dundee and seeing if the Oor Wullie statues are still out around the city. If the weather is passable I might go to the beach.


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