May. 8th, 2017

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Not sure how I feel. I had a week's holiday in Berwick which I love. It's far enough away to not feel at home, but being in North East England I get the feeling of being back in the world of my childhood. The week involved a bit of dotting about and a bit of just not doing a lot. It didn't feel as restfull as it might as I didn't get a few solid days in a row "doing nothing" and it was a bit early spring temperature and rain wise. That said I saw some friends, had a trip to Barter books, read three books and had some downtime. I also had a day with food poisoning as well.

So back to Perth after a week away and had the bank Holiday Monday off for chilling. The week started OK, but by Wednesday I'd had a panc attack about some work stuff and was basically stuffed.

So five days inside the flat coping with the stress and just going to work. Almost recovered by Sunday and went out for a walk and read in the sun for a few hours. I also got a walk before work today (Monday 8/5/17) for a few miles.

I suppose that I need to keep walking and getting out even when I'm stressed. Not easy though.


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