Jan. 21st, 2017

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Well Karen came up today and we did coffee, a walk round Perth, the Norrie-Miller walk / Perth Sculpture trail and a visit to the Greyfriars cemetery. Followed by coffee and cake at the community cafe.

A splendid day was had by us both.
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Some days I wake up
still with headphones on
I went to sleep with Ben & Kobna
telling me of Rivers of London
Wizards and police
Faceless Men and fairies

Some days I wake up
with a knee that locks
I stumble my way through
to prepare myself for the day

I'm often confused and bemused
My body shakes with anxiety
I spasm and mumble
There is no clarity or control

Some days I wake up.
I look around and smile
My brain is clear
I stand up straight and proud
I look to the sky and think
"What if every day was like today"

Some days I wake up
The night has been full of anger
Frustration and hurt
I've broken something
A mug, a drawer a plate
Who knows

Some days I wake up
I stumble I spasm and shake
I stim, like the Aspie I am
or maybe am not, but still
I repeat that movement until I settle

And then I have to put on the face
Try and be "normal"
It's hard as hell
Some days I smile
some days I grin
Like death I grin.

This is me
This is my life
You see me on a good day
On other days I hide away

Some days I wake up.


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