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OK up for around 6.30 ish and out of the house for a bit after 7 am. Now I live less than amile from work and can walk it in about twenty minutes or so. So of course I walk down a road 90 deg to the ine going to work, up a hill take abridge over a dual carriage way (A9), walk up a hill to a trig point, keep walking for another half mile or so and finally turn towards firmly work and walk another mile or so until I get there.

4. 2 miles in total. A great view, some road walking, some path walking some walk slowly through the field of cows and then back to paths in various conditions. It's a fairly solid walk to start the day and I've done it three days in a row. (plus other dotting about and getting home). Oh I also went for a swim tonight.

Now when I'm well, this level of activity feels normal to me. It keeps me alert and makes y body more instead of vegitate. My knee is in a little discomfort, but is also moving better than for ages. I hope the tendons don't strain like last year. I was laid up for weeks and on a stick for a couple of months or more.

My general fitness is good enough to walk between 5 to 8 miles a day and with the light, I feel like doing just that.

What else? um work obviously, had a swim and saw "Free Fire" at the cinema tonight. Set in the seventies with Cillian Murphy and a gang of Irish at a weapons buy with some Americans and Brie Larson as an intermediary. Needless to say things go a little awry and staggering levels of violence and black humour abound. I'll admit it's probably not to everyone's taste, but I loved it.

You'll never listen to John Denver in the same way again.
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